Looking for Work?

Canadian Employers are actively seeking foreign skilled workers to alleviate labour shortages in Canada. 

Get expert advice, information and assessment by filling out the InCanadaNow Questionnaire or in person while attending an InCanadaNow Seminar if available in your city. Fees charged for these events cover travel expenses for the Immigration Lawyer and HR Management Consultant travelling to the venue.

Full-time Permanent job offer - you may qualify for Employment under the Federal Skilled Worker program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) or one of the Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP).  All these programs could entitle you to fast-track Canadian Immigration (Permanent Residency).

Full-time Temporary job offer - With a Work Permit, you could be in Canada in a matter of months.  Many foreign skilled workers who come to Canada on Work Permits can eventually qualify for Permanent Residency through one of the Provincial Nomination Programs, the Canadian Experience Class, or Arranged Employment.

InCanadaNow's JobConnect and Career Connections

The InCanadaNow JobConnect Program assists our Clients in connecting to Canadian Employers through Career Management Services including Canadian Standarization, Credential Verification, Resume Builder, Interview Coaching and Career Connections, Interview Coaching, Training, Counselling and  JobSearch networking and training assistance.

Canadian Employers can make you a Job Offer if you have the right credentials and qualifications

Some of the main Job Categories available across Canada are listed below

Digital Media and Graphic Design

Construction and Trades (ALL)

Business Management and Business Services Professionals (ALL)

Production Managers and Industrial Professionals

Restaurant and Food Service Managers, Chefs and Cooks

Mining, Oil and Gas Managers, Professionals and Operators (ALL)

Heavy Equiptment Operators and Mechanics

Architects and Draftsmen

Medical Care Practitioners (Specialists, Family Physicians, Nurses)

Dental Care Practitioners (Dentists, Hygenists and Therapists)

Other Health (Pharmacists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Technologists)

Plus many other available career opportunities

Fill out the online questionnaire for an evaluation today or email us at working@incanadanow.com